75 Mrs. World beauties to “land” in Vietnam / LLegan 75 bellas señoras del mundo a Vietnam

75 Mrs. World beauties to “land” in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – From November 2-5, 75 Mrs. World contestants will come to Vietnam to compete in the Mrs. World 2009 in the southern province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

On November 3, the Tan Son Nhat Airport in HCM City welcomed tens of contestants from Kazakhstan, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark, China, Costa Rica, Peru, Canada, etc.

On November 4 morning, they took a tour in HCM City. On November 5, they will move to Vung Tau city to take part in the first activities of the pageant, including: visiting the historical cemetery of Ba Ria – Vung Tau, the Minh Dam military base, the statue of heroine Vo Thi Sau, the local school for hearing impaired kids and some sport activities.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Imperial Hotel, Vung Tau city on November 7 evening. To welcome contestants, the hotel has opened a sandy painting exhibition by artisan Y Lan and a photo exhibition featuring Vietnamese women in the 20th century.

Shatzanova Dinara from Kazakhstan. She is a sub-editor of the National Kazakhstan Television Station. She has got married for two years.

Wang Pei Yu from Taiwan.

Mrs. India Handa Sophia Sameer

Mrs. Indonesia - Mukti Dian Krishna

Mrs. Malaysia - Low Trincy

Mrs. Brazil - Prado Pisoler Anuska Valeria

Mrs. Guatemala - Portillo Hernandez Sonia Marleny

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